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New Album OUT NOW !

Tucked in the fine print of an eviction notice, in the eye of a dope-addled straphanger, a star-crossed lover, or a drunk who's overstayed his welcome at even the most liberal of taverns is “A Clean, Well-Lighted Place.” Running scams for a $3 come-up, actually enjoying the incidental lacing of a first blunt, texting former flames for a bit of reassurance on a rainy day in New Jersey drunk off Blackberry Schnapps or being fed-up with the half-assed everythingness of indy rap artists, it all exists in “A Clean, Well-Lighted Place.” It’s the elongated gaze from a complete stranger on the downtown 4 train and feeling as if you know them internally. The space between the space you have to finally sit down between day jobs and bleed a little bit. Maybe it’s Hemingway’s poetic side and not him sipping a Caipirinha and treating his flavor of the month like shit. Maybe it’s a mix of both. Sometimes to the tell the story you have to use angles only a few will understand and worry about the rest later. Sometimes you have to tune out everything that is happening and find “A Clean, Well-Lighted Place.” Hell, it took me a year to get here… More likely it took all 28, but I got here. I hope you enjoy the view as much as I did.All the best,



On Tour with Mad Dukez & Fresh Kils

April 14, 2014

After wowing the USA and Canada the past few years, Dukez & Kils, along with New York based wordsmith PremRock, are crossing the mighty Atlantic Ocean to take Europe by storm! And with PremRock in the mix making a much anticipated return to the Czech Republic, this live set will delight you, no matter what language you speak. For a taste, watch Dukez and Kils perform their live rendition of Bruce Lee’s “Enter The Dragon” or their music visuals for the singles VALLEY VIEW andSOOKIE SOOKIE. You can also check PremRock’s latest single LENS or his music video for SINGAPORE. But honestly, you should check the schedule below and witness these talented musicians live to get the full experience. See you in Europe!


15 April – Strasbourg France @ Campus Esplanade

16 April – Lyon France @ Raspoutine Club

17 April – Bordeaux France @ Wunderbar

18 April – Le Mans France @ Le Lexard

20 April – Nijnegen, Netherlands @ TBA

22 April – Amsterdam, Netherlands @ The Winston

24 April – Vienna, Austria @ Einbaumöbel

25 April – Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic @ Naplavka

26 April – Chomutov, Czech Republic @ Club Kubovna

27 April- Prague, Czech Republic @ TBA

2 May – Copenhagen, Denmark @ Musik Loppen

3 May – Augsburg, Germany @ Soho Stage

New Single -"Lens"

April 1, 2014

First Single, Produced by Quelle Chris,  off of Prem's Forthcoming Album "A Clean-Well Lighted Place" available 4-19-2014. 

Thieves with Good Taste

October 28, 2013

Available exclusively for the Wrecking Crew x PremRock Roland Bishop Memorial Tour, this tape features exclusive cuts never heard before along with longtime fan favorites from each artist all on a red cassette. Only 100 are available.

PremRock & Talpas "Splendid"

September 15, 2013

In 2011 US rapper PremRock visited Czech Republic for the first time. Back then, in Oliver Lowe's studio, he wrote his verse for the track Money, Bullshit, Life, Smile and that was the moment he first heard the beats coming out of Talpas's MPC. That same year he came back and during a few shows he got to know Talpas personally. From that originated the idea of working together. 2012 saw the release of the first single, Love Of The Drum, foreshadowing the sound and feeling of their project. Raw and direct, without any posh nonsense. During his last visit, PremRock layed down the vocals on four more tracks and recorded two more back home. It's 2013 and the time has come! Chomutov 2 Brooklyn collaboration is ready to hit hard with their 7 track EP called Splendid. 

Fasho Fasho! Remix

May 15, 2013

Willie Green Brings us 

New Video - "Singapore"

May 11, 2013

3rd Single and first video of off Marks Wild Years. Click the Link below to view the madness

Step Right Up

February 23, 2013

1st Single off of Marks Wild Years

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Let Me See Your Tongue



10/8   Bar Deluxe. Salt Lake City, UT.

10/9   Flagstaff Brewing Company. Flagstaff, AZ

10/11  Fly Me to the Moon Saloon. Telluride, CO

10/14  Vaudeville Mews. Des Moines, IA

10/15  North Bar, Chicago, IL

10/16  Gabe's. Iowa City, IA

10/17  The Mirage Virginia, MN

10/18  Tower Avenue Tavern. Superior, WN

10/19  The Turf Club. St. Paul, MN

10/21  Souris River Brewing. Minot, ND

10/24  The Real Lounge. MIssoula, MT

10/25  Machinery Row. Great Falls, MT

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